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We are an association dedicated to Original Hot Yoga studios that were trained in the original Bikram 26 & 2 yoga series and certified by Bikram Choudhury.  OHYA’s mission is to unite, support and promote the Original Hot Yoga Community. If you are an Original Hot Yoga studio owner, a certified Bikram Teacher or a student and seeker of the original 26 & 2 yoga series, our OHYA studio directory is your one stop tool to connect you to our community. 

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OHYA Certified Bikram Teacher Directory

The Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher Directory is exclusively for those who have completed Bikram’s 500 plus hour teacher training.  To register your certificate, you must also teach a minimum of 75 classes AND a minimum of 6 months to apply for this directory. 

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Our Mission is to Unite, Support and Promote, Original Hot Yoga Around the Globe.

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OHYA is an association of Hot Yoga Studios dedicated to the original Bikram 26 & 2 yoga series. OHYA’s mission is to unite the 26 & 2 original hot yoga community, connecting studios who offer the traditional, original, hot yoga with the highly trained specialized Bikram yoga teachers qualified to lead the series. If you are an Original Hot yoga studio owner, a certified Bikram Yoga teacher or a student and seeker of the original healing 26 & 2 hatha series, our directory is your one-stop tool to connect you to our community. Some of our studios have stayed true to 90 minute 26 & 2 classes while other studios have added 60 minute or other classes to complement the yoga that is foundation of their studio. Please view the schedule of each individual studio to see their offerings and schedule.


ohya-logoWe are also expanding our association with the Certified Bikram Yoga Teachers directory coming Dec 2016, along with continuing education and a guide to our seminars, retreats and festivals.

We thank you for checking out the Original Hot Yoga Association, and uniting our strong community of Original Hot Yoga Studios.

All members of this association are studios owned by Certified Bikram Yoga instructors.