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We are an association dedicated to Original Hot Yoga studios that were trained in the original Bikram 26 & 2 yoga series and certified by Bikram Choudhury.  OHYA’s mission is to unite, support and promote the Original Hot Yoga Community. If you are an Original Hot Yoga studio owner, a certified Bikram Teacher or a student and seeker of the original 26 & 2 yoga series, our OHYA studio directory is your one stop tool to connect you to our community. 

OHYA Studio Directory

Our Mission is to Unite, Support and Promote, Original Hot Yoga Around the Globe.

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All members of this association are owned by Certified Bikram Yoga instructors and passionately believe in the healing and transformative practice of the original 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, often called the 26 &2. Please go to our studio directory to find the Original Hot Yoga studio near you. Many studios in our association still only teach 90 minute original hot yoga classes, but some of our studios are meeting the demands of these changing times and offering 60 and 75 minute versions of the original hot yoga classes and/or adding other classes that are consistent with their core values to offer variety and to complement the yoga that is the foundation of their studio. Our hope is that both Original Hot Yoga enthusiasts and Original Hot Yoga studio owners will find each other and help increase the awareness of this life changing, healing and dynamic yoga practice.


ohya-logoPlease see our studio list, organized by state to view members of our association We cannot assure how many Original Hot Yoga classes a studio offers or exactly what additional classes any particular studio offers. Please click on the studio directory and view the schedule of any studio to see their exact schedule. We hope to add an Events, Seminars and Retreat page in the near future so check back with us to see our status.

We thank you for checking out the Original Hot Yoga Association, and uniting our strong community of Original Hot Yoga Studios.

All members of this association are studios owned by Certified Bikram Yoga instructors.