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We are an association dedicated to Original Hot Yoga.


OHYA’s mission is to Unite, Support and Promote the Original Hot Yoga community. OHYA is your resource to find our studios, registered teachers, workshops and (coming soon) Teacher Trainings. Whether you are a teacher, studio owner or seeker of Original Hot Yoga (also referred to as the 26 &2) the OHYA is your one stop tool to connect you to our community.


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Our Mission is to Unite, Support and Promote, Original Hot Yoga Around the Globe.

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OHYA is a resource dedicated to Original Hot Yoga, often called the 26 & 2 or Bikram Method Yoga. The mission of the OHYA is to Unite, Support and Promote our community of studios, teachers and students across the globe. Original Hot Yoga, (also known as the 26 & 2 series) is a unique and powerful way to bring health, healing and wellness to people in our communities. All of the studios in our directory are owned by teachers who are highly trained to lead the series.

Our Certified Teacher Registry offers our community of teachers from the intense 9 week teacher training a professional organization to support their credential and a community of teachers offering furthering education to keep our community learning, growing and thriving. The OHYA is your one stop place to find studios, teachers, furthering education, workshops, retreats and Teacher Trainings for the next evolution of our unique and highly specialized Original Hot Yoga community.

All of the owners of the studios listed in our Studio Directory are Certified Bikram Yoga teachers.